Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gunite Pool Repair

A gunite pool is a great pool and preferred by most homeowners, but will need pool repair some day, just like any other pool. The reason people prefer a gunite pool is because they can be molded to any shape and design that you want and are far stronger than regular concrete. It can be colored, embedded with a design, or covered with tiles, stones, etc.
Unfortunately, like every pool, there are certain problems that can arise, and you might need pool repair, even if the pool is built by a professional. Gunite pools can crack several different ways.

How did my Gunite Pool Crack?

Gunite pool repair-repaired gunite pool
A gunite pool can crack various ways, including:
  • Normal aging
  • Erosion
  • Ground surrounding the pool shifts; earthquake, freezing and thawing, etc.
  • If there is water behind the structure, it can pass through and change temperature, expanding and contracting the gunite
Small hairline cracks may be able to be very easily repaired; however, certain cracks cannot be simply plastered over. Cracks that are structural in nature must be stabilized to prevent the crack from widening. Pool repair is something that cannot be done easily by non-professionals.

Gunite Pool Repair Experts; Tropical Pools and Pavers, Clearwater, Florida

Tropical Pools and Pavers are well-respected gunite pool repair experts located in the Greater Tampa Bay area. If you think your pool has a crack, we will investigate your pool and find the problem. If we do find a crack, we will then remove the damaged gunite, install new steel and apply new gunite in the area that was cracked. We will make sure the area that was cracked is thicker than it originally was so the gunite does not crack again.
We find that our way or pool repair is unmatched by our competitors and we back our work 100%!
If you would like to know more about professional swimming pool repair in the Greater Tampa Bay area, please contact your local Tampa Pool Builders, Tropical Pools and Pavers. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Install Pool Pavers; Tropical Pools and Pavers

How to install Pool pavers-gorgeous pool pavers
Installing pool pavers is just as – in some sense maybe more – important as the actual install of your swimming pool. A lot of people will try to learn how to install pool pavers by themselves. This is doable if you are an ambitious, skilled, do-it-yourself type of person. However, hiring Tropical Pools and Pavers to install your pool pavers for you, you can rest assured the job will come out exactly how you want your dream pool to look.

Installing new swimming pool pavers will be a great way to bring the look of your backyard tropical paradise to life!

Tips from your Favorite Pool Pavers, Tropical Pools and Pavers!

We follow these exact steps to make sure your pool pavers resemble the tropical paradise that you’re family has dreamed of!
  • Soil preparation
  • Soil compaction
  • Preparing paver base
  • Laying pavers
  • Cutting pavers
  • Filling joints
First thing we will do is smooth the soil around your pool, level it and get it ready to compact it. After it is compacted, we will then apply a separation fabric that will be under the paver base. Our next step will be to prepare and apply the paver base. Approximately 2 inches of base is applied. Once this is done we are ready to start laying the pavers!

Laying pavers are usually done in a left to right order. Strings are set before we start in order to guide us and make sure the pavers are in a perfectly straight line. They are laid one by one in a continuous line until done! A soft hammer is used to ensure the pavers are level onto the paver base.

Tropical Pools and Pavers – Serving Clearwater, Pinellas, Tampa, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties

As with any construction project, homeowners should conduct their due-diligence when searching for a professional pool paver. This can include researching the company's licensing, their online reviews, Facebook following, and the Better Business Bureau.

We know there are plenty of swimming pool pavers in Tampa Bay for you to choose from, but please make sure to check out Tropical Pools and Pavers! View photos of our new pools, pool remodels, spas and our pool and spa equipment. Once you do that, contact us to get a bid!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Remodeling; Tropical Pools and Pavers Clearwater, Florida

Is your pool calling you to jump in, or is it keeping your summer get-together's from happening?

Whether you are looking for a basic resurface or a complete redesign, Tropical Pools and Pavers can help you with your pool remodeling needs. Tropical Pools and Pavers will repair or replace decking on your pool. We will also replace any equipment needed for your pool.

Swimming pool remodeling will be a great way for your get-togethers to kick off again!

Pool Remodeling Tips from your Favorite Pool Builders Tropical Pools and Pavers!

People that are in search of a pool remodeling company should get multiple quotes from different licensed pool builders, have a good estimate of their budget constraints and make sure they receive a warranty of some sort from the company that is hired.

These following pool remodeling tips will help you with ideas to make your pool desirable again:
  • Add water-features to your pool
  • Change your pool texture
  • Expand your pool deck
  • Add lights in and/or around your pool
Also, make sure to ask the company if it is licensed and insured, and don’t be afraid to ask if they can show you their license and insurance. If they are not properly licensed and insured and anyone is hurt during the project, the homeowner is automatically responsible.

Just when you think you've done enough research, do MORE! Make sure the company is not only licensed and insured, but check online reviews and research their company to make sure they don’t have any outstanding cases open with the Better Business Bureau.

Pool Remodeling Ideas

Here are a few pool remodels to give you good pool remodeling ideas.

If you would like to know more about professional swimming pool remodeling in the Greater Tampa Bay area, please contact your local Tampa Pool Builders, Tropical Pools and Pavers.