Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimming Pool Construction and Repair

Swimming pool construction
Deciding to build a new swimming pool is a fun and exciting experience. Swimming pool construction has many phases and steps that only professional pool builders should undertake. Hiring the right company for your swimming pool construction is an important decision. Make your decision based on reviews, referrals and feedback from your community.

Swimming Pool Construction; Repair or Remodeling

Swimming Pool Construction could mean that you need swimming pool repair or remodeling. It doesn't always have to mean brand new pool and spa construction. However, this is still a major project that should be done by experts only.

Swimming pool construction

Here is a outline of what you could expect during swimming pool construction:
  • Layout
  • Excavation
  • Plumbing and Equipment
  • Electrical Work
  • Shell Material
  • Pre-Plaster Clean Up
  • Fencing
  • Inspection
  • Interior Finish (Plastering Phase)
  • Start-Up
Make sure the pool builder you choose is up to date on all the newest pool technology and swimming pool designs. If you would like to know more about swimming pool construction please contact your local Tampa Swimming Pool Construction Company, Tropical Pools and Pavers.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choosing the Right Pool Contractors Tampa; Part 2

When it comes to pool contractors Tampa has a lot of them. In the first part of the “Choosing the Right Pool Contractor” series, we told you a few things:
  • Get any custom pool construction in writing
  • Ask the pool contractor for references
  • Don’t rush. Make sure you’re comfortable
  • Get several bids for swimming pools
Part 2 of this series will go a little more in depth on how to choose the right Tampa pool contractor.

Pool Contractors Responsibilities

Like we stated earlier, when it comes to pool contractors Tampa has a lot of them, and not all of them do the same things. Most Tampa pool contractors will use subcontractors to do some of the work. This could include concrete work, pool patios, etc. Make sure you find out what the pool contractor does and does not do, so you can make sure you stay within budget. Also, make sure you know if your pool builder will get the building permit or if you have to obtain the permit.

How much does a swimming pool cost; Pool Contractors Tampa, Clearwater Florida

There is no accurate answer as to how much a pool will cost you until some homework is done. There are so many factors to consider. Here are just a few:
  1. Pool size and shape
  2. Water depth
  3. Heated or not heated?
  4. Saltwater pool or regular chlorine?
We know there are plenty of pool contractors in Tampa Bay for you to choose from, but please make sure to check out Tropical Pools and Pavers! View our new pools, pool remodels, spas and our pool and spa equipment. Once you do that, contact us and get a bid!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Swimming Pool Designs; Pool Bed

There are so many different styles of custom swimming pools to talk about, but today we're going to talk about a pool that surrounds your bed!

As time goes on and technology advances, so do swimming pool designs. Putting a swimming pool in your backyard just isn’t enough for some people.

Pool surrounding bed

This pool definitely brings a new meaning to the term "Morning Swim"

Tampa Pool Builders; Tropical Pools and Pavers

Tropical Pools and Pavers was founded on the premise of providing a superior product that family and friends will enjoy for years to come in the Tampa Bay area. We know there are plenty of pool builders in the Greater Tampa Bay area for you to choose from, but we ask that you please view our work as it speaks for itself! Here you can view a gallery of some of our new pools, pool remodels, spas and our pool and spa equipment. Once you do that, please contact us to get a bid!