Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inground Pool Construction; Building the Perfect Pool

Proper planning for inground pool construction can be harder than it seems. Before you break ground, you should make sure you have considered all your options and obligations first. Once your pool is constructed, it’s final and you don’t want to end up with a pool you’re not 100% happy with. If you make sure you know what you want before you start, it will save money and aggravation at the end of the day.
Inground Pool Construction; Building the Perfect Pool
In this article, we’re going to cover some simple steps to help you choose the perfect inground pool construction for you and your family. If these steps are followed, this process will go much smoother and you can be relaxing in your new pool as fast as possible!

Steps to Follow for your Inground Pool Construction

There's much more to inground pool construction than having someone dig a big hole in your backyard and fill it with water. That being said, there are some tough decisions to be made. You have to be happy with your pool, since it’s going to be there for a while. Here are some simple, but important steps to follow in order for you to get the perfect pool for you and your family:
  1. Choose a pool design
  2. Choose where your pool is going to be in your yard
  3. Get a quote from a reputable in ground pool construction company
  4. Compare pricing with other companies

Other Things to Think of When Building your Pool

There are a lot of things that aren't included in the price of your inground pool construction that most people like to accompany their pool with and some things that are a necessity; a fence totally surrounding your pool is one of them. Of course you could build a pool and not have any of these accessories, but most people have one - or several - of these things: lighting for nighttime swimming, pool deck, patio, water testing kits, patio furniture, pool toys, storage shed for pool toys/accessories, etc.
Like I said, you're not going to need all of these items, but they are nice to have them. When most people are thinking of having a pool built in their backyard, they forget these things. We just want you to keep them in mind when putting together your inground pool construction budget.
Tropical Pools and Pavers is a well-know, respected inground pool construction company, helping you with all your swimming pool needs.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Winterize a Pool in Florida; Pool Care Part 1

How to winterize a pool? In Florida?! Yes, I know, we hardly have a “winter” in Florida, but in the “cold” months in Florida, (November through February, maybe?) most Floridians are wearing pants and jackets, and definitely aren’t getting into their pool…unless of course they have friends or family come visit from up north where it’s really cold…

It’s these months where a pool can be damaged if you don’t properly learn how to winterize a pool.

5 Steps to Properly Winterize a Pool in Florida; Tropical Pools and Pavers

If you have any doubts at all if your pool is fit for these steps, or you just don’t want to do it yourself, contact Tropical Pools and Pavers, the most respected pool contractors in the Tampa Bay area, at These five steps can be used for most pools, but may not be right for every pool:
  1. Balance chemicals
  2. Drain pipes and lower water level
  3. Clean pool
  4. Take all pool accessories out of pool
  5. Snugly add pool cover

3 Steps after you learned How to Winterize a Pool

You’re not done yet! I know this seems like a lot of steps to learn how to winterize a swimming pool, but it is crucial to follow all these steps if you want your pool to be opened without having any problems when it’s time. Here are a few more simple steps to follow to maintain your pool after you’ve winterized it:
  • Make sure your pool cover is secure every few days or so
  • Every once in a while check to make sure your water is still properly balanced
  • If you didn’t drain your pipes, make sure you keep an eye on the weather. If it freezes and you have water in your pipes, that could be devastating
Like we said earlier in this article, if you have any doubts what you’re doing is right or wrong, please call the professionals. Tropical Pools and Pavers can help with all your pool needs.